Monday, April 20, 2009

refresh magazine

same case like 'pertandingan standards' essay i've posted before.., i want to delete this 'refresh magazine' thingy from my thumbdrive because i thought there's no use of keeping this thing anymore.. but...hmm.. there might be a day when i want to look at it as a 'kenang-kenangan' so i decided to post it on this blog. =)

last year, i was assigned to be the chief editor of 'refresh magazine'. it was not an easy job, really... well, if u wanna take a peek at what me & my colleagues have done for this magazine, simply click on the images for best view.

the layout and arrangements were done by using macromedia fireworks mx

Saturday, April 18, 2009

t-shirt design for republic of 1991

for the boys:

for the girls:

drop some comments so that i would be able to improve my designing skills. cewahhh.. =)

ps: akak! nanti eju design tshirt kelab akak pulak eik. sabar2...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

special award from Skyevo Studio ®

thanx a lot to skyevo a.k.a afiq for giving me this award...!! the reason he chose me as the recipient is...:

2) Eju
Eju cukup dikenali sebagai seorang yang kreatif dan ini melayakkan beliau menerima badge ini. Beliau memang serba boleh dalam seni. Penulisan, seni digital, seni tradisional dan sebagainya.

aww..i'm so touched!! thanx, dude!!