Friday, July 16, 2010

young models

Umar, 6 years old.

He is now studying in Tadika Perpaduan for his 2nd year and has won the best student overall last year. He has also participated in inter-kindergarten football tournament and scored a goal. (if I'm not mistaken). He's single but not available since he has to focus on his studies first and achieve his dreams. He's gonna be a hot guy. x)

Uzma, 3 months old

She's cute, photogenic, and has a lovely smile. Although she's only 3 months old, she has shown an interest in fashion as she loves getting dressed up with beautiful clothes and don't mind changing clothes a few times while other babies might get irritated. She's gonna be popular when she gets older x)

They are siblings. They are Hafizi's children.
And most importantly, they are MY nephew & niece!
No wonder they know how to pose like a model xD