Wednesday, December 31, 2008

fashion designing?

i did this just for fun.. it has nothing to do with my ambition.., but, who knows? maybe someday i'll enter the fashion industry and create my own brand=ayjoo, and maybe 'ayjoo' will be a famous brand, just like vera wang, victoria's secret, and christian dior.. hahah.. but i know, it's 90% impossible as my designs are not as good as theirs.. =D

so, these are the 1st four 'ayjoo' designs:

which 1 do u think is the best?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my new friend!

i was so damn bored sis went back to her university the day b4 yesterday and i was left alone at home after my parents went to work.. i thought i'll die of boredom but thank God i didn't.. haha..watthe.. anyway, i talked to the mirror so that i won't feel lonely but i saw myself in it so, ugh, it didn't help.. then, i glanced around the room, searching for something that would help to cheer me up.. oh! i spotted an empty rexona deodorant bottle.. maybe it can be my friend=) but it needed hands, eyes, mouth, and legs..

oh, there's nothing to worry about, i've got everything i needed for that XD:

and i used the knowledge i gained from the 'art attack' show in disney channel

and finally, i won't feel lonely anymore!! i've got a new friend and i named her miss rexona =)

she's pretty, isn't she?? XD

Monday, December 29, 2008

award+tag from doku

thanks to mr doku for giving me this award.. i really appreciate it=)

before i pass this award to 10 bloggers, these are 10 facts about myself:

1.people call me eju

2. i sleep 11 hours per day

3. i love to daydream

4. i wanna be an architect

5. i love to cut people's hair

6. my hobby is drawing

7. i love animals

8. get bored easily

9. love to get comments =P

10. happy to get this award XD

here are the award recipients:

1. ayne

2. arina

3. hashim

4. gatsby

5. opie (oops plkn =P)

6. kakakku

7. kuskus

8. tomato msm

9. arc

10. sesape nk amek, amek ah! haha XD

Sunday, December 28, 2008

lesbian family!

this video is about a lesbian family & it is made by 3 friends: eju, uzi, & pika (dont worry, we're straight XD). this vid is specially made for a bio presentation for chapter 4:reproduction, sub-topic:sperm bank. we burnt our midnight oil, just to make this vid. i was the animator, uzi was the cameragirl and pika was the editor/technician.. we had so much fun even though the others were dreaming in their sleep.. miss u, pika & uzi! =')

Friday, December 26, 2008

good mood =)

i'm in a very very very very good mood today and i want to express myself with here's the result

Thursday, December 25, 2008

guess who?

can u guess whose the man in the portrait? no? pak lah la!!! ahhhh i know i failed to draw exactly like pak lah but i think it is at least, guessable.. hahah

Monday, December 22, 2008

artifacts XD

when i was tidying up my closet, i found this poster in one of the drawers,it is the one i made for an interhouse competition when i was in form 4.. no wonder i lost! hahah XD..

i also found this drawing.. my art teacher praised me for this drawing & i was so happy about it!!X) i drew this one when i was in form2..

hihihahah!! look at his face, man.. i mean her.. no! his.. or her?? hahah.. i didn't remember i made this cutie cartoon! uhh am i puji-ing myself? no i'm puji-ing the woman(or man) whose holding the pasaraya keluarga's plastic bag! well, this is one of the pages of an art assignment when i was in form3..assignment: designing a plastic bag for pasaraya keluarga...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

portrait of my mom & my nephew,umar

i chose to draw this portrait because it has been a very successful photo.. my 2nd brother, whose a part-time photographer, uploaded this photo in flickr and it was chosen to be added in a group called 'suasana kampung'. this photo also won a photography competition and my brother got a canon ixus camera worth RM1600.. if u're interested to check out his photos, u can log on to or well, my mom and dad commented on the portrait i drew..they said it is nice but my mom looks younger in the portrait.. i personally dissatisfied with the portrait cause it looks totally different from the real photo!! =))

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

sajak specially dedicated to my beloved friends, titanz0408


berlalunya masa dalam kerdipan mata
buatku terjeda buat seketika
benak membayangkan suatu keperitan
kepedihan onak ranjau perubahan
yang cebis demi cebis merobek atmaku
membuat bibir merah menjadi bisu
bagaimana agaknya cara untukku rempuhi
terpisah persahabatan yang padat bererti
yang selama ini menghembus kekuatan
keberanian menumpaskan seluruh cabaran
tatkala sedih sayu meruntun rasa
mereka hadir tanpa keluh bicara
teguh menghulur tangan
ingin meringankan beban
itulah sahabat-sahabatku sejati
dalam tiap hembus nafasku memberi seribu erti
masa perpisahan yang kian menjenguk
memberi keperitan rasa yang teruk
yang pasti, aku cukup menyayangi mereka
dan semoga persahabatan kami teguh buat selamanya..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

right-after-spm artwork

i did this right after accounts paper 2-my last spm paper. just to relax my mind & express my happiness