Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my new friend!

i was so damn bored yesterday...my sis went back to her university the day b4 yesterday and i was left alone at home after my parents went to work.. i thought i'll die of boredom but thank God i didn't.. haha..watthe.. anyway, i talked to the mirror so that i won't feel lonely but i saw myself in it so, ugh, it didn't help.. then, i glanced around the room, searching for something that would help to cheer me up.. oh! i spotted an empty rexona deodorant bottle.. maybe it can be my friend=) but it needed hands, eyes, mouth, and legs..

oh, there's nothing to worry about, i've got everything i needed for that XD:

and i used the knowledge i gained from the 'art attack' show in disney channel

and finally, i won't feel lonely anymore!! i've got a new friend and i named her miss rexona =)

she's pretty, isn't she?? XD


Rfq said...

definitely yes.she`s a total pretty.congats for getting a new pretty friend.haha :]

eju said...

thank u thank u..hahah XD

hubahuba said...

gorgeous... hahahaha
lets recycle!

ps: i m collecting mcd expired breakfast card, any idea what to do wif it?

eju said...

send it to the recycling centre.. hahah XD

redbirdfe said...


dpt kwn baru.
klu borim,berbual la dgn dia k.

Anonymous said...

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eju said...

btul gak eik redbirdfe.. die tu good listener..haha XD

Muhammad Nazeef said...

sungguh la kreatif ko nie~...

eju said...

xdela kreatif sgt, tiru idea art attack..heheh XD

Anonymous said...

so creative!!