Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i know this' ugly haha

good news for those who love to vandalize!
you can now get involved with legal vandalism by joining the 'Graffiti Workshop'. it's free to join, so don't miss the opportunity!

here's the details:-

"The Graffiti Workshop"
Date: 18-20th June 2009
Venue: Politeknik Port Dickson, KM 14,
Jalan Pantai, 71050 Si Rusa,
Negeri Sembilan

4.00 pm , 18 June 2009: registration
Friday morning: theory
Friday evening: practical
Saturday morning: Graffiti competition

oops. forgot to tell. this workshop only opens for those living in Negeri Sembilan, aged 18 and above. plus, i'll not be attending this workshop because of some reasons.
but, it's surely gonna be fun there.
so, do join! =)


Anonymous said...

alaa... nk pegi!!!!


eju said...

pegi la!
nyamar jadi org n9 ahaha