Wednesday, July 29, 2009


the motif

design 1

design 2

just doing the work anas (the director of cultural performance) told me to do,but unfortunately, this design is not as good as the others' and i kinda feel inferior lol.



Fadh said...

salam eju :)

bley komen sket x dgn design awk ni.. the word C tu mcm jauh sgt dgn "ultural" tu.

1st impression fadh td nmpk cm Pultural '09 Performance lak huhu :P

eju said...

hahahh yup, that's 1 of the defects..huhuh malas lak nak betulkan =)

american pie said...

it looks nice...but i like the design 1 better...makes you look slimmer! hehe...but i do agree with fadh, it does look like pultural performance..hehe...but overall, it looks really nice..

eju said...

thanx..but they're choosing other better design =) so i'm not gonna edit the pultural heheh =D