Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CP props & backdrop

Cultural Performance 2009
by Batch 12 of KYUEM

i should've been uploaded this pics months ago, but better late than never, right? heh. thanx to ateeyqa asmadi's blog for reminding me bout this.

*credits to alifah, vicky, & jannah for the pics*
judo as the malacca tree. he should be praised for all his hard work and commitment towards cp as he got himself ready as a tree by himself without complaining, although it was actlly under my responsibilty. i kinda felt guilty for neglecting the 'malacca tree' and put the blame on costume department. haha.. thanks judo.

the pirates ship. the 2nd most fragile thing after 'the bushes'. unfortunately, nobody has taken the photo of the bushes. sobs T.T

the actors, actresses, costumes, props, backdrop & the noise made a perfect combination for 'suasana kampung'

purrrrfect scene.

this is only a part of the pelamin that costs a lotta money. sadly, nobody has taken a full picture of the pelamin including ME. stupidos. =.= and btw, the couple in the photo weren't acting, they're for real. ;)

backdrop in the making.

the backstage crew. the most committed, joyful, & hardworking peeps i've ever known esp apek, hasnor, mariam, mai, afwa, ayesha, wan, saara, hannan, judo & not forgetting the others who helped. thanx for all the memories =)

oh, there's another prop. the 'tandu'.
but no photo as well. sigh. i should've given my camera to someone during cp. awwh why didn't i think about this before? =.=


arina said...

love it. i think i ada gambar pelamin yang full kot tapi tak upload. heee

amirfazwan said...

gambar kt pelamin tu jannah kan?

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