Monday, March 21, 2011


i know this entry is kinda vain. i mean, SOOO vain,
but this is the 1st time i'm wearing shawl, mannn,
so i think this is kinda historical for me. =D

& not many people read this blog anyway, so here goes,
my vain pictures! tada!

1st shawl:

2nd shawl:

to be honest and realistic, i don't think i look good in shawls.
my chin isn't sharp and my cheeks are massive, so in conclusion, 'tettot'!
eju, please don't wear them again! lol

(maybe on hijab week only, considering on how much money i've spent for these shawls)


Nina Mazlan said...

eju comel ^^

eju said...

tidakkkkk..itu tidak benar.. x)