Friday, April 15, 2011

ben affleck

i know i'm outdated but i just watched 'he's just not that into you' a couple of days ago, and was really touched by ben affleck's acting. he's really good, man. i cried when he proposed to jennifer aniston and asked her to marry him. it was sooo sweet =')

and and..; ginnifer goodwin and justin long look so cute together!
i like them the most compared to the other couples in the movie =)
i rate this movie 4.89 stars!


hubahuba said...

ashton kutcher cute x?

BTW... nape tangan dier nampak kecik?

eju said...

lol.. aah la, tgn dia kecik x)
silap bajet.

ashton kutcher.. not my type. lol

isaac ismael said...


american pie said...

eju!!! nak remy ishak!!! *tetibe* hehe

Norain Ishak said...

gambar mr B boleh tak??HAHA.perh,mesti gempak gila!