Friday, January 2, 2009

ayjoo boutique

i'm still wasting my time, designing clothes.. and here are the four designs:

different styles for different moods=)



same question: which 1 do u think is the best?


ARC said...

Yayy Im d first to comment!!
The 3rd 1 please, Ive always love leather jacket, especially the long ones for women. They just look elegant wearing them, and kinda sexy too.

In some way, they look fierce, and sometimes, leather jacket shows mystery and intelligence,

oh ya, plus with black leather shoes, it adds up the intelligence we sought after.

Moreover, the striped blue pants are just look nice and neat with the jacket.ngahaha guess Im over with this opinion.

I am in the mood of commenting since I had just finished watching an English movie, with totally England accent. =D

ARC said...

the thing I kind of not agree with, only one:

I guess the hair of 'smart' should be longer, below the shoulders at least. It will be then look like an Italian women.

Ohh I love Italian women =D. Intelligent, sexy, classy

eju said...

k, k, i get it, u really like the 3rd 1, right? hahahaha..XD u'll get 1 for free later, after i open my boutique, k.. and, the hair.. she actlly has a long hair but her hair is tied back.. it's a messy hairstyle sorta thing.. cube tgk btul2 =D

tomato_masam said...

eju~ kiter ske yang ke3 tu~ nak pakai masa raya ley? heee~ ley jadi designer terkenal ni, apa jadi ngn eju nyer blog tu eh? naper kuwa kan dari list of ur blog~

eju said...

bole2... nnti eju bg free tuk tomato gak XD
blog lg 1 tu rasenye nak wat jd private r.. nak cite sume bnde kat situ =)

Pijah said...

smart one. :)

bile nk bukak boutique?
nk beli satu. :P

kuskus847 said...

3rd 2 lawa gk ar...
x de design utk laki ke??? r..2 sum design 4 ladies jer..):

eju said...

butik akn dibuka 30 taun lg, pijah.. hahaha XD

design utk laki.., nnti2 kak eju wat eik, kuskus... jgn lupe komen nnti ;)

Khairi Nairfan said...

okay here we go
yang first design tu cam tak nampak sangat macam sporty
the second one to more familliar to ceong sam lah eju
but I really like the third one, memang smart
the fourth look very fashionable and impressive
good job eju! ^^

eju said...

ye ke? hihihihi XD
eju lak rase 2nd tu cam sari.. kihkih!!
thx 4 the comment, khairi=)

ARC said...

alaa eju nak pvt..kedekot la eju =P

the 1st 1 is casual actually, but the shoe color is a bit off from the league. But still ok and suitable 4 urban ladies.

2nd= cheongsam??I have eye specialist contact numbers. Need them? I believe the 2nd is on floral theme.

haha the glam 1, I don't know what to say. Just don't like it =P

btw, eju mmg busuk wakakka

eju said...

i've changed it to public balik da.. hahah =)

seems like u know a lot about fashion, arc ;)

and, wehhhh sempat g eik kenakan org >=(

ARC said...

I just like usha2ing in Star Two. (it is the newpaper, if u don't know)

haha xpela xselalu pon mlawat blog eju yg lg 1 tu..

kakaka padan mke cik cermin

ARC said...

newspaper* wrong spelling

eju said...

dude, i read star,k.. hahah.. XD
eh, spe cermin? xknal xknal

ARC said...

I didnt mean u ar...people who read this post la..I know la u minah newspaper wakakkaka

eh x..minah cermin kot..siap nyamar jadik cermin lg=P

tomato_masam said...

mak aih, lagi 30 taun baru nak bukak? ahahaha..kena tempah baju cucu la kart eju masa tu, keh keh~

p/s : bila dah privatize, jgn lupa invite kitew taw~

eju said...

arc: mne ade nyamar jd cermin.. ish..tudo je ek..

tomato: alaa tomato 30 taun agi still hot..tempah baju sndiri, xjd nk pvt..

ARC said...

tomato skang umo da 22 kot..tambah 30= 55 wakakka nak [pakai design yg mane? no 2 tu eh? LOL nanti I tgkap gmba pastu komen dlm blog hahahah

ele eju xmo ngaku lak

eju said...

ngahahahaahha! XD
kate blaja add math smpai arcsine, arccosine, arcapentah sume tu..aiseh =))

ARC said...

hehe saje je laa...tajam lak mate die yg bulat tu =P

eju said...

mate org sepet r..