Thursday, January 8, 2009

ugly illustration

i know this illustration is sooo freaking ugly but i've wasted 1/36 of my day (that's 20 minutes, in case ur slow in calculus =P) so i decided to accept it as one of my karya.. *sigh*

direct message:
i hate waiting so please don't make me wait for ya
hidden message:
punctuality is very important. if u want to be liked, be punctual!


tomato_masam said...

ey eju~! naper wasted lak? sangat cantek ok ur illustration ni~ i like~~

tomato_masam said...

and kiter juga tak ske menunggu, buang masa je nak tunggu org, kan kan~

eju said...

thanx tomato =')
tul2... xske btul org yg lambat nih!!

bella said...

adekah picz sume dr tngn anda sndiri? huhu lukis sndiri ea? hebat

eju said...

yup..tenkiu2 =)