Saturday, January 3, 2009

here in my home - 5amanahian artistes for unity

wanna hear me sing? watch the video=)! my line was the 1st 'here in my home, i'll tell you what it's all about'.. i'm the one whose wearing white handsocks and red&black shirt..

the others in the vid are my classmates, my closest friends.. this vid was made as a farewell video, it is for us to watch when we're old =D

i have an amazing voice, dont u think? =P

u can also watch this video on youtube:


redbirdfe said...

ohh my,
u gv me a heart attack.

so much reminiscenes of schooldays.

uwaaa ~

tomato_masam said...

wah, best nyerrr korang, ada video klas sendiri, and masing2 sangat sporting, nanges nanges, windu kan zaman skola amatz~

eju said...

redbirdfe-heart attack??! oh,no! r u ok?=O

tomato-eju pon rindu gak zmn skola...uwaaa!! ='(

redbirdfe said...

ouhh..heart attack kechik jahh.


Pijah said...

eju !! sgt sweet. tau tau?
haha. i miss my classmates. too much... :(

eju said...

redbirdfe>> heart attack ade kcik & besar yep? kihkih XD

pijah>>same la kte..huhu=(

iFaHuSnA said... r video ne k.eju..
ngah3..rindunyer kat korg..

hershey Que said...

kamu cakap kek tu kelihatan sedap

saya cakap video kamu kelihatan hebat.


eju said...

ifah>> rindu awk juge!!!!='(

hershey>> hihi..tenkiu2 =)

Anonymous said...

ko guna software ape????